Virbac New Zealand

In 2017, Virbac and Dr. Mick Clews embarked on a trial involving 767 cows, in 4 locations across New Zealand (Waikato, Taranaki, Manawatu and Canterbury). The results of this trial have since been presented at both the 2018 NMC International Bovine Mastitis Conference in Italy, and the 2018 World Buiatrics Congress in Japan.

The trial was designed to use culture to reduce antibiotic use, and to determine if penicillin is still a viable option for treating both Strep. uberis and Staph. aureus. There were some interesting and unexpected results, which have the potential to revolutionise how mastitis is diagnosed and treated in New Zealand.

So before conducting this seasons RVM consults, watch the video below produced in conjunction with Research Review, and check out the other resources to learn how to help your farmers REDUCE and REFINE antibiotic usage, without compromising on RESULTS.



Outlines the trial and results

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A training flip chart to educate
farmers on the trial and its results

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Mastitis treatments in NZ, and their
AMR classifications

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Penclox® 1200

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Intracillin® 1000 Milking Cow

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