What is Choose Black?

The “Choose Black” campaign was developed to showcase Virbac’s proven and extensive range of mastitis treatments, made right here in NZ. They’re the ones in black boxes.

We reckon they’re your best shot to beat New Zealand mastitis.

  • Developed, trialled and made in New Zealand for local conditions.
  • Options for treatment include: intramammary, injection, OAD, TAD, extended and combination therapies.
  • Reliable and consistent supply so you’re never caught short.
  • Tested and proven against mastitis on New Zealand farms.
  • After consultation with your vet about the right product to use on your farm, we’d love for you to “Choose Black”.
Made right here in Hamilton, New ZealandNZ
Choose Black Products
PenCloxTM 1200 High Potency Milking Cow

PenClox™ 1200 High Potency Milking Cow is our blockbuster mastitis treatment. It contains a high concentration of penicillin G (1 gram) and 200mg of cloxacillin. This innovative and patented formulation was developed over a 6 year period which included testing over 20 different formulation concepts.
Developed, tested and made in NZ.

  • Two first-choice antimicrobials for Strep. uberis and Staph. aureus mastitis pathogens
  • One intramammary product required for the entire lactation
  • Registered milk and meat withholding periods for 3,4,5 or 6 treatments at 24-hour intervals, OAD and TAD milking
  • Excellent manufacturing, supply and safety record
  • Improved compliance through easier to read text
  • Contains an 'Amber' antibiotic as per antibiotic judicious use guidelines for the NZ veterinary profession
NitrocloxTM LA

Nitroclox™ LA was developed in 2009 as a New Zealand alternative to Orbenin® LA. Nitroclox™ LA has flexible treatment options, including both TAD and OAD treatment regimes, 24 and 48 hourly treatment intervals and use of 3 to 6 tubes depending on the severity of the case (TAD). Nitroclox™ LA has 200mg of long acting cloxacillin, the first choice active for the treatment of Staph. aureus mastitis cases.

  • First choice antibiotic for Staph. aureus mastitis
  • Trial work in NZ conditions using NZ cows
  • 24 hourly treatment intervals ensures time above MIC90
    for duration of therapy
  • All TAD Milk WHP are 84 hours (7 milkings)
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 x 24 hour and 3 x 48 hour treatment options
  • Contains an 'Amber' antibiotic as per antibiotic judicious use guidelines for the NZ veterinary profession
Intracillin® 1000 Milking Cow

Intracillin® 1000 Milking Cow was developed in New Zealand in the late 1990s. It contains a high concentration of penicillin G and is the first choice for mastitis cases sensitive to penicillin, especially those caused by Strep. uberis which is more prevalent around calving but can also occur throughout the lactation. With short 12 hourly treatment intervals and a TAD milk WHP of only 8 milkings, milk is back in the vat earlier.

  • First choice antibiotic for Strep. uberis mastitis
  • New Zealand trial work
  • Registered extended therapy claim of 6 tubes given
    12 hours apart
  • Registered milk withholding for combination therapy with Masticillin® RTU Injection
  • Contains a 'Green' antibiotic as per antibiotic judicious use guidelines for the NZ veterinary profession
MasticillinTM RTU Injection

Masticillin™ RTU Injection contains 15 grams of penicillin, ideal as the first choice for those mastitis cases sensitive to penicillin, especially Strep. uberis which is usually more prevalent around calving. The ultra-high concentration of penicillin in Masticillin™ RTU Injection combined with the unique formulation ensures effective levels of antibiotic remain in the udder with just one treatment.

For ease of use, Masticillin™ keeps things nice and simple: one bottle per cow, ready-to-use plastic bottle, and the inclusion of needles and syringes. Just shake and inject.

  • A ready to use presentation in plastic vials – no mixing required, just shake and inject
  • One vial = one cow, simple!
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Backed up by NZ trial work based on NZ farming conditions
  • Contains a 'Green' antibiotic as per antibiotic judicious use guidelines for the NZ veterinary profession

Metri-Clean™ contains 500mg of cephapirin in each
19 gram dose, and is used for the treatment  of subacute and chronic endometritis (inflammation of the uterus lining) in cows.

Available in buckets of 25 or 50 single-dose syringes, 500mL (25 dose) and 1L (50 dose) pillow packs.

  • Recent (2016) NZ trial work, based on NZ conditions.
  • Potential for 4:1 ROI1 when used early.
  • Snap-lock catheters (pipettes), plastic gloves and Metri-Clean™ multi-dose applicators provided.
  • Contains an 'Amber' antibiotic as per antibiotic judicious use guidelines for the NZ veterinary profession

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Antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is the loss of effectiveness of treatments for micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. As organisms become resistant to more antimicrobials over time they can eventually become virtually untreatable – these are commonly referred to as “superbugs”.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become a hot topic of late, and the level of public interest and concern it generates means it will not be going away anytime soon.

Check out any of the downloads here, visit nzva.org.nz/page/amr or speak to your vet about AMR.

Judicious use of antibiotics
CHECK-UPTM Diagnostic Aid

CHECK-UP™ is an on-farm diagnostic kit which tests milk for the fast identification of mastitis causing bacteria. It has been validated using Maldi-Tof, BBL crystal and standard microbiological techniques, in addition, many tests have been conducted by independent veterinary laboratories and Dairy NZ.

CHECK-UP™ offers an easy and affordable way to ensure proper treatment decisions can be made quickly and effectively. Virbac have again partnered with the team at Farm Medix to offer this to NZ vets and dairy farmers.

Talk to your vet about CHECK-UP™ and take a look at the downloads below.

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