Zoletil 100

Ranges: Anaesthetics

Species: Cats, Dogs, Fallow Deer, Goats, Red Deer, Zoo Canidae, Zoo Felidae

An injectable anaesthetic agent.

Zoletil 100

  • High Therapeutic Index

  • Versatile

  • Multi species

  • IV and IM dosage

A sterile powder for reconstitution as a solution for injection containing the active ingredients per 5mL vial: Tiletamine (as Tiletamine HCl) 250mg, Zolazepam (As Zolazepam HCl) 250mg

Zoletil is used (according to dosage) for a wide variety of indications including the following: restraint, examination and diagnostic procedures (e.g. X-rays, painful explorations), minor procedures (dressings, abscesses, punctures, haematomata, declawing), dentistry, opthalmology, castration or ovariectomy, amputations, thoracic surgery.

Zoletil is indicated for use on cats, dogs, zoo felidae, zoo canidae, goats, red deer and fallow deer.


Available from your local veterinarian.

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A5727
Zoletil 100 is available only under Veterinary Authorisation.