Update on BioTec Microchips

Thursday, January 25, 2018 

In 2009 we identified manufacturing issues with some batches of BioTec microchips and issued a voluntary recall.

Our current and active advice for vets and pet owners is to have pets with microchips scanned at every visit to the veterinary clinic, and for the BioTec microchip to be replaced at Virbac’s cost if it has failed.

Please see the FAQ's below. If you have additional questions, please call 0800 847 222 or email enquiries@virbac.co.nz



How can I tell if my pet has a faulty BioTec microchip?

  • If your pet was micro-chipped with a BioTec microchip in New Zealand between 2009 – 2012, it may potentially be faulty.
  • If your pet has a chip with any of the following microchip numbers, you should have the microchip scanned at a veterinary clinic:

From 900-010-000-125-000 to 900-010-000-135-000
From 900-088-000-032-635 to 900-088-000-543-529
From 900-008-800-219-506 to 900-008-800-248-955

I am confused because my vet contacted me to have the chip replaced even though the current one is still working. Should I just get my pet’s microchip replaced?

  • No. Your vet was acting on earlier advice from us. We now advise that you should only get the BioTec microchip replaced if a scan at your veterinary clinic shows it is faulty.

What is the problem with the affected microchips?

  • The problem concerns the robustness of the connection between some of the electrical components in the microchip.

How much will it cost me to replace my pet’s microchip if it has failed?

  • Nothing. If it is a BioTec microchip Virbac will cover the cost of replacement.

What is the replacement microchip that Virbac is offering?

  • Our replacement microchips are BackHome BioGlass® Minichips.  
  • They are manufactured to the highest industry standards with direct-bonding technology to ensure lifelong reliability.  
  • They have been in use since December 2012. 



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