Quadrant™ DC

Ranges: Dry Cow Therapy

Species: Cattle

Quadrant™ DC is a long acting, antibiotic dry cow containing 250 mg of Cephalonium, in each syringe. In conjunction with teat spraying and proper management of the cow during the drying off period, the careful administration of Quadrant™ DC at drying off:
Quadrant™ DC
  • Reduces new infections at drying off and in the dry period.
  • Treats subclinical mastitis that may be present at drying off.
  • Helps reduce SCC’s and mastitis in the subsequent lactation.

Quadrant DC contains a yellow light antibiotic: Antimicrobials restricted to specific indications or used as second line therapy under therapeutic guidelines.


It is an offence for users of this product to cause residues exceeding the relevant MRL in the Food Notice: Maximum Residue Levels for Agricultural Compounds.
  • MILK: 
    • If the cow calves 49 days or more after treatment: Withhold milk for 8 milkings after calving.
    • If a cow calves within 49 days of treatment: Withhold milk for 49 days after treatment plus an additional 8 milkings.
  • Please consult your veterinarian for further advice.
  • MEAT: 
    • Animals producing meat and off­al for human consumption must not be slaughtered during or within 30 days of the last treatment.
To learn more, check out the downloads in the more information section to the left and ask your vet.
Restricted Veterinary Medicine. Available only under Veterinary Authorisation.
Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A10107. See www.foodsafety.govt.nz for registration conditions.
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