Long-acting antibiotic injection containing penicillin, used to treat bacterial infections in sheep

  • Sheep
  • AMR Class Green
    AMR Class Green
  • NZ Made
    NZ Made
  • Antibiotic

Ovipen™ is a long-acting antibiotic injection containing Procaine penicillin G and Benzathine penicillin G. It’s used to treat bacterial infections caused by penicillin-sensitive organisms in sheep.

  • Sheep species-specific injectable penicillin.
  • Convenient plastic pillow packs.


  • Inject 1 ml/10 kg bodyweight in the upper neck, by subcutaneous, or intramuscular injection.


It is an offence for users of this product to cause residues exceeding the relevant MRL in the Food Notice: Maximum Residue Levels for Agricultural Compounds.

  • Milk: 35 days
  • Meat: 30 days


Available in 100 ml plastic pillow packs.


This product is classified as green under Antibiotic Judicious Use Guidelines for the New Zealand Veterinary Profession. Green light antimicrobials are for ­first line therapy under therapeutic conditions. Visit  or talk to your Vet to learn more. Please use antibiotics responsibly.

To learn more about Ovipen™, download the Product Profile below and talk to your Vet.

Download SDS

Download Product Profile


Ovipen™ is a Restricted Veterinary Medicine. Available only under Veterinary Authorisation. Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A7187.

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