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Intracillin® 1000 MC

Intramammary containing penicillin, used to treat Strep. uberis mastitis in dairy cows

  • Cattle
  • AMR Class Green
    AMR Class Green
  • Antibiotic
  • NZ Made
    NZ Made

Intracillin® 1000 Milking Cow is an intramammary mastitis treatment for lactating dairy cows that contains procaine penicillin. It’s the first choice to treat Strep. uberis at calving, and during lactation when a shorter time out of the vat is desired.

  • Short 12 hourly treatment intervals and a TAD milk withholding period of only 8 milkings
  • Registered extended therapy claim of 6 tubes given 12 hours apart
  • The only intramammary with a registered milk withholding for combination therapy with Masticillin™, for severe mastitis cases
  • Developed, trialled and made in New Zealand


The entire contents of one syringe should be infused into the teat canal of each infected quarter immediately following milking. Repeat the treatment twice more at 12 hour intervals - three syringes provide a full course of treatment. If required, an extended treatment of 6 syringes (one after each of 6 successive milkings) may be given. 


It is an offence for users of this product to cause residues exceeding the relevant MRL in the Food Notice: Maximum Residue Levels for Agricultural Compounds.

  • Milk: 96 hours / 8 milkings
  • Meat: 10 days


Available in boxes of 24 syringes.


This product is classified as green under Antibiotic Judicious Use Guidelines for the New Zealand Veterinary Profession. Green light antimicrobials are for ­first line therapy under therapeutic conditions. Visit and talk to your Vet to learn more. Please use antibiotics responsibly. 

To learn more about Intracillin® 1000 Milking Cow, download the Product Profile below and talk to your Vet. To learn more about mastitis, visit the mastitis page in our Health Care section.

Click here to visit - an information hub containing downloads as well as a new video outlining a study in which farmers successfully used culture from mastitis cases to reduce and refine antibiotic use, without compromising on results.

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Intracillin® 1000 Milking Cow is a Restricted Veterinary Medicine. Available only under Veterinary Authorisation. Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A7787.

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