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Triple A Plus™

Triple combination oral drench with Praziquantel for sheep

  • Sheep
  • NZ Made
    NZ Made

Triple A Plus™ is an abamectin-based, triple combination, oral drench with Praziquantel for sheep. 

  • A combination of oxfendazole, abamectin, levamisole and praziquantel for effective management of internal parasites (including tapeworm) in sheep and lambs
  • NZ patented, highly effective aqueous formulation
  • 1 ml/5 kg dose – ideal for use in lambs
  • Mineralised with cobalt and selenium
  • New Zealand developed and made


  • 1 ml/5 kg bodyweight orally.


  • Meat: 21 days
  • Milk: 35 days


Available in 5 litre backpacks and 20 litre drums.


Resistance may develop to any anthelmintic. Talk to your Vet about parasite management practices for your area to reduce development of resistance. It is advisable that a resistance test be conducted regularly when using any parasite treatment.

To learn more about Triple A Plus™, download the Product Profile below and talk to your Vet.

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Download Product Profile


Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A11381.

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