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A highly efficient and safe prostaglandin for the management of reproduction in mares

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Prosolvin®, the highly efficient and safe prostaglandin for horses.

Prosolvin® contains 7.5mg Luprostiol in each mL of clear injectable solution. Luprostiol is a potent synthetic analogue of the natural prostaglandin, PGF2α, for use in horses and cattle.

Prosolvin® has fewer adverse reactions than natural prostaglandins, such as sweating and colic. Because of its better duration of activity, one single injection of Prosolvin® is enough to be effective. The mean plasma half-life is 70 minutes, much longer than natural prostaglandins. Because of this long half-life and its high safety, Prosolvin® is an obvious choice in the management of reproduction in mares.

In mares Prosolvin® can be used for the induction of a second heat after foaling, the treatment of a persistent corpus luteum, synchronization of oestrus, treatment of pyometra and endometritis, induction of abortion and the induction of parturition. Prosolvin® is effective in mares for the stimulation of fertile oestrus, termination of pregnancy following foetal death, termination of pseudo-pregnancy and treating anoestrus during lactation.

Prosolvin® can also be used in cattle for oestrus control, treatment of sub-oestrus, and the treatment of chronic endometritis, pyometra and mummified or macerated foetuses.

The activity of Prosolvin® is focused on the genital tract. Therefore, it has very low effect on the digestive smooth muscles, which explains its high safety. This advantage is crucial in horses, which are very sensitive to the side effects of prostaglandins.

The high safety of Prosolvin® is due to its higher affinity to prostaglandins receptors on corpus luteum for luteolysis and its slower degradation in lungs leading to a longer action.

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Restricted Veterinary Medicine. Available only under veterinary authorisation.
Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A4159.

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