Sedazine A.C.P.® Paste

Oral sedative for horses

  • Cattle
  • Horse

An aid in quietening excitable, nervous, unruly or hard to handle horses and cattle.


Sedazine A.C.P.® Paste is an oral acepromazine paste that provides safe and effective tranquilization.

It has a pleasant flavour to make administration easy, convenient and safe. Sedazine A.C.P.® is a simple and safe option to for inexperienced horse owners and farmers or for those who would prefer to avoid the hassle and hazards associated with giving acepromazine by injection.

This is because Sedazine A.C.P.® is a less traumatic option for the horse, because it avoids the stress of injection.


Available from your local veterinarian.

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Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A3854.
Sedazine A.C.P.® Paste is available only under Veterinary Authorisation.