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DogManaging skin allergies can be enormously frustrating. Cortavance® is here to make this easier and safer. The spray application is easier and cleaner to use than an ointment, and does not need to be rubbed in.

The di-ester steroid active ingredient is absorbed into the lipids of the skin, meaning that it only needs to be applied once a day. The special formulation means that the steroid potency is almost completely metabolised before it reaches the blood stream to minimise adverse side effects.

Dosing is easy too, as two full pumps of the spray is the correct dose for a 10 cm x 10 cm area of skin – about the size of your palm.

Talk to your veterinarian about whether Cortavance® is right for you and your dog.

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Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A10060.

Cortavance® is available only under Veterinary Authorisation.