Aquadent® FR3SH™

Easy oral hygiene for cats and dogs

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    Water Additive

Aquadent® FR3SH™ targets the causes of bad breath in three ways:

  1. CLEANSE - Addresses oral causes of bad breath
  2. FRESHEN - Freshens breath  with every use
  3. BALANCE - Contains a prebiotic known to support proper digestion


An easier way to maintain teeth

Pet’s bad breath is a common complaint by pet owners.

While toothbrushing is the gold standard for managing oral hygiene, some pets do not tolerate toothbrushing, cats especially.

Using a water additive is an easy way to help control plaque and prevent tartar.

Water additives are recommended by the WSAVA* Global Dental Guidelines as part of home care for dental hygiene.


A convenient way to fight bad breath

Aquadent® FR3SH™ uses FR3SH™ Technology to address three causes of bad breath

As a liquid solution Aquadent® FR3SH™ is easily administered as an additive to drinking water

Aquadent® FR3SH™ has been demonstrated to be highly palatable and readily acceptable to both dogs and cats


Available from your local vet clinic.



* World Small Animal Veterinary Association

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