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Shampoo for dogs and cats with smelly and greasy or dry scaly skin

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    Skin Care

Sebolytic™ shampoo removes scales, crusts and excessive oil on the skin surface of dogs and cats with minor skin conditions. It helps regulate sebum production and skin odour.

It improves the coat and skin balance:

  • Removes excess sebum and scales in minor conditions
  • Neutralises unpleasant smells It improves skin vitality with S-I-S (Skin Innovative Science™ technology):
  • Micro-organism anti-adhesive effects (Glycotechnology)
  • Stimulation of natural skin microbial defence (Defensin technology)


Wet the coat with warm water and apply a line of shampoo along the backline. Massage and rinse. Repeat, leave for 3-10 minutes and rinse with clean water. Use 2-3 times weekly for 3 weeks or as advised by your veterinary surgeon.

If the preparation fails to alleviate the condition being treated, the user should seek veterinary advice.


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Available from your local vet clinic.

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