Skin Care


A unique microemulsified formulation which combines ingredients that help to maintain skin barrier integrity and natural microbial balance.

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  • S-I-S™ technology
    S-I-S™ technology
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    S-L-C™ technology
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  • Skin Care
    Skin Care

Specifically designed to meet the needs of dogs and cats with skin barrier imbalance, Allermyl® shampoo is a unique microemulsified formulation which combines ingredients that help to maintain skin barrier integrity and natural microbial balance.

  • S-L-C™ technology improves skin barrier protection against environmental aggressions with moisturising and soothing effects.
  • S-I-S™ technology improves skin vitality with microbe anti-adhesive effects (Glycotechnology) and stimulation of natural skin microbial defence (Defensin Technology).
  • Makes the most of the latest research to restore the skin barrier and return softness and vitality to sensitive and irritated skin.

Skin Lipid Complex™ Technology

S-L-C is a combination of cholesterol, ceremide and fatty acids to nourish and moisturise the skin.1

These essential ingredients are present in a balanced ratio. These lipids penetrate the skin and are used by skin cells to build the lamellar bi-layers.2 Lamellar lipids are especially low in dogs suffering from atopic dermatitis.

The use of S-L-C in these dogs can more than double the amount of intercellular space filled by structured lamellar lipids in the lower stratum corneum,3 where skin cells grow. This reinforces the skin’s barrier function and decreases water loss from the skin.

What is Atopy?

Anyone can suffer from allergies: dogs and cats just as much as humans. An allergy is where the body responds to innocuous materials as if they are invading microbes. Allergies can be to bites from insects such as fleas, to food and drink, to pollen and dust, even to metals. When a dog has a reaction on their skin to inhaled allergens (material that causes an allergic reaction) that is referred to as canine atopic dermatitis, or atopy.

Because so many of the allergens that set off atopy are ubiquitous, like dust mite dander, avoiding the cause is virtually impossible. Therefore, management of atopy is focused on treatment and management of symptoms.

Skin damaged by atopy, and the trauma of scratching, is highly prone to secondary infection.

Soothing the skin, repairing damage, reducing itchiness, along with antihistamines and steroids are the best way to control atopy.

Talk to your vet about what treatment is best for your pet.


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