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Rapidly boost trace element levels in your herd to enhance immunity and improve fertility.

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    Trace Elements

MULTIMIN® is a unique concept of trace element supplementation for New Zealand dairy, beef and deer farmers. Containing copper, selenium, zinc and manganese, it is designed to be administered to stock prior to high periods of demand, such as calving, weaning and mating.

  • An injection containing copper, selenium, zinc and manganese
  • Chelated formulation that is safe and tissue friendly
  • Absorbed into the blood within 8 hours and transferred to the liver within 24 hours
  • Scientifically proven in NZ conditions


MULTIMIN® is administered as a subcutaneous or intramuscular injection at 1 ml/50 kg in young cattle (up to 12 months) and 1 ml/75 kg in yearlings (1–2 years) and 1 ml/100 kg in adult cattle (>2 years).

CALVES up to 1 year 1 ml / 50 kg
CATTLE 1 - 2 years 1 ml / 75 kg
CATTLE over 2 years 1 ml / 100 kg
DEER - 1 ml / 100 kg

MULTIMIN® can be administered at birth and four weeks before ‘high demand’ periods to allow antioxidant levels to peak. MULTIMIN® should be administered to herds four weeks before mating and calving, and to bulls 12 weeks before joining the herd. MULTIMIN® should be used as a strategic intervention in a supplementation programme, rather than a replacement, as part of an integrated nutrition and animal health program.


  • Milk: Nil
  • Meat: Nil


Available in 200 ml and 500 ml pillow packs.


To learn more about MULTIMIN®, visit, download the Product Profile below and talk to your Vet.


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Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A9374.

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