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Taking care of your dogs skin.

Maintaining the coat

Maintaining the skin, eyes and ears of your dog is an act of care essential to his health and well-being.

It is often said; the condition of the skin and coat can be a reflection of an animal’s health.

The first step in the regular maintenance of your dog is a frequent brushing of his coat. It is the opportunity for a thorough examination of the skin and eliminates dead hair and impurities, promoting the regrowth of healthy hair. 

Brushing is especially important during the spring and autumn moults. Your dog’s skin is covered with a surface film that plays an important role in the maintenance of the cutaneous ecosystem but, contrary to popular belief, an animal, especially if he lives in an urban environment, can be washed regularly if a shampoo specifically for dogs is used (the pH of a dog’s skin is different from that of humans) and his possible particular skin problems

Cleaning the eyes

Your dog’s eyes are a fragile area, prone to irritation and trauma.

If your dog’s eyes are red, with watery or thick discoloured secretions, you should consider booking a vet consultation.

Regularly cleaning your pet’s eyes is a preventive measure that helps to prevent and / or detect an eye problem.

Certain breeds, particularly those with prominent eyes, are even more at risk of eye damage and disease. Special vigilance is necessary. 

The frequency of cleaning depends on the dog’s lifestyle and breed predispositions. It is recommended to use a specific veterinary cleaner. 

Checking ears

Dog’s ears are often at risk of developing inflammation and infections. If the ear canal is painful to the touch, has a foul odour or is red, consult your vet. 

Regular maintenance of the ears helps you to detect these types of problems and thus to act early, before it becomes severe and difficult to manage.

Vigilance must be increased with dogs predisposed to otitis and especially those with allergic tendencies, dogs with droopy ears, certain breeds (Cocker Spaniel, Labrador) or even hunting dogs, more prone to ear foreign bodies.

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